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Central Rutland Sanitary Sewer Connection Fees & Information

With sewer services soon coming down our roads, there a lot of questions. Our team, together with FTC Trucking & Excavation, want ensure you are informed with what’s going on in the neighborhood, and to give you your best option for sewer connections.

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How does the City of Kelowna Sewer Connection impact my property?

As sewer piping gets installed along the street, the City of Kelowna will leave a 4-6” pipe for your home buried underground on the property line for future connection. You are responsible for connecting the sewer. You're not required to tie in right away. 

How Much are Sewer Connection Fees?

The City of Kelowna sewer connection fees for 2023 can be found here. This does not bring sewer all the way to your house. 

Are There Ways to Save on these Fees?

Yes. We have teamed up with FTC Trucking & Excavating to provide a full-service, discounted experience. We're offering same block group rates for homes looking to connect.

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What is required to tie in my sewer

Once you decide to tie in your sewer, you can remove your septic field or have it filled in. 

  • Septic disconnection and sewer Line Installation

  • Excavation, backfill, septic tank remediation

  • Plumbing Permits Required by City of Kelowna

  • Landscaping repair

There's no wrong answer --- however while you already have the excavator's attention, this is always a great time to think about finally digging in that pool!

Are there advantages of tying in your sewer right away?

Currently, the City of Kelowna connection fees for 2023 are set, however as we all know too well, costs rarely go down - especially with the City. The city is holding onto this connection fee for 2023, with a likelihood for increases year over year. The costs are a one time fee paid directly to the City of Kelowna.

Serving our hometown and surrounding Okanagan communities since 2008, Spitfire Mechanical specializes in both residential and commercial plumbing and gas-fitting. We are proud of our reputation for honest advice, efficient service and quality workmanship.

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